Differential Pulse Polarography Method for the Determination of Trace Fe, Ni, Pb, Zn, Se and Cu in Black Tea Leaves

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Sukru Kalaycı
Guler Somer


In this work a new and simple polarographic method has been established for the determination of trace elements present in tea. After digestion with acids, tea samples were analyzed using various electrolytes such as acetate and ammonia at different pH values in the presence or absence of EDTA. Thus, it was possible tochoosethe best medium for the determination of6 trace elements in one tea sample. Polarographic peaks of copper and iron could be separated in HAc at about pH =7 in the presence of EDTA and their quantities were determined. Ni and Zn peaks could be separated and determined in ammonia buffer at about pH= 10. Lead could be determined at pH= 2HAc electrolyte. Selenite, was determined from its hydrogen catalytic peak in KCl, pH= 2 medium in the presence of Mo (VI). The LOD was found as 2.4x10-7 for instead of (S/N=3).The trace element ranges in black tea were found as, Fe 35 μg/g, Cu 45 μg/g, Ni 19 μg/g, Zn  22 μg/g, Pb 28 μg/g and Se 77  μg/g.

Dried black tea, element determination, trace elements, DP polarography.

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Kalaycı, S., & Somer, G. (2020). Differential Pulse Polarography Method for the Determination of Trace Fe, Ni, Pb, Zn, Se and Cu in Black Tea Leaves. Chemical Science International Journal, 29(4), 15-23. https://doi.org/10.9734/CSJI/2020/v29i430171
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