A Review in Graphene/Polymer Composites

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Bhavana M. Itapu
Ahalapatiya H. Jayatissa


This review article reports recent advances in graphene/polymer-based composites. Graphene is a potential nanofiller that can dramatically improve the properties of polymer-based composites at very low loading. Various new techniques such as solution processing, in-situ polymerization, and melt intercalation along with new polymer/graphene composites are discussed.  Modification of polymer materials by inducing graphene is widely reported in this article. The graphene/polymer-based composites exhibit renewed properties such as adsorption, anti-bacterial, hydrophobicity and electrical and thermal conductivity. With the integration and miniaturization of electronic devices, thermal management has become a crucial issue and hence graphene/polymer-based composites have gained a significant attention in recent years. Different thermal conduction mechanisms with respect to graphene and polymer, graphene/polymer composites have been investigated for electronic, sensing and electromagnetic interference/shielding applications. The assembly techniques available for effectively incorporating graphene/polymer flexible composites by utilizing weak and strong interfacial interactions are summarized. Finally, this report provides a roadmap for the synthesis of new polymers compatible with graphene.

Graphene, polymer composites, thermal conductivity, in-situ polymerization

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M. Itapu, B., & H. Jayatissa, A. (2018). A Review in Graphene/Polymer Composites. Chemical Science International Journal, 23(3), 1-16. https://doi.org/10.9734/CSJI/2018/41031
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