Assessment of the Anti-microbial Action of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticle Synthesized by Aspilia pluriseta Extracts

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A. O. Nyabola
P. G. Kareru
E. S. Madivoli
E. G. Maina
I. S. Wanakai


Antimicrobial resistance has proved to be a great burden to the current health care system as more potent drugs are required to combat this global challenge. Due to this problem there was need to explore new ways that would eradicate drug resistance hence the need to utilize the potential of metallic nanoparticles as a new alternative to combat resistance. In this study, focus was on the synthesis of Feo NPs using Aspilia pluriseta aqueous extracts, its characterization and antimicrobial activities against gram (+) and gram (-) microorganisms. Preliminary phytochemical screening was carried out to test for presence of secondary metabolites; phenol, flavonoid, phytosterol, carbohydrate, tannin, saponin, glycoside and terpenoid, the results tested positive test for all the metabolites. Folin-Ciocalteu method and aluminium chloride method respectively, were used to quantify amount of phenolic 31.45 ±0.017 milligram per gram and flavonoid 7.223 ±0.081 milligram per gram. Characterization of zero valent iron oxide NPs was achieved using UV-visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR, XRD and XRF. UV-Vis spectrophotometer displayed a peak at 346 nm. Fourier-transform infrared spectra displayed existence of functional groups such as OH, C-O and C-C that aids in the formation of NPs. XRD indicated the presence of peaks at 16.06° and 43.73°.XRF data displayed that NPs contained Fe 31.58%, MgO 12.02%, Al2O3 1.883%, SiO2 13.84%, P2O5 11.14%, K2O 4.699% and CaO 1.522% of respective oxides. This therefore confirmed the presence of secondary metabolites in Aspilia pluriseta aqueous extracts which aids formation of iron NPs. Finally, the antimicrobial activity was determined against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis which exhibited significant zones of inhibition.

Aspilia pluriseta, NPs, environmental friendly, characterization, XRF

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Nyabola, A. O., Kareru, P. G., Madivoli, E. S., Maina, E. G., & Wanakai, I. S. (2018). Assessment of the Anti-microbial Action of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticle Synthesized by Aspilia pluriseta Extracts. Chemical Science International Journal, 25(3), 1-10.
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