Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Strontium Oxide (SrO) Using Erzincan Cimin Grape (Vitis vinifera, Cimin)

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Azize Alayli Gungor
Hayrunnisa Nadaroglu
Demet Demirci Gultekin


Aims: Synthesis of Strontium oxide (SrO) is very remarkable for its applications in electrodes for gas sensors, lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, doped dye-sensitive solar cells, transistors, catalyst supports, super capacitors and semiconductors. This study aims to synthesize SrO nanoparticles using a new method, as they will find important and specific uses.

Experimental Design: Synthesis of SrO nanoparticles (NPs) was planned to be obtained by bio-reduction method using the plant extract of Erzincan Cimin grape (Vitis vinifera, Cimin).

Place and Duration of Study: The experimental steps of the study were carried out in the laboratories of Atatürk University, Erzurum Vocational College, Department of Chemical and Chemical Processing Technologies.

Methodology: In this study, the synthesis of SrO NPs was made by using aqueous extract of Erzincan Cimin grape (Vitis vinifera, Cimin). Biosynthesis medium containing 0.1 M Sr(NO3)2 was added to Cimin grape extract to synthesize SrO NPs.

Results: The structural characterization of the SrO NPs that were obtained as a result of the reaction was analyzed using SEM, EDAX and FTIR techniques. Using the X-ray diffraction pattern in the study, the mean particle size was calculated to be 28.6 nm. SEM analysis revealed that particles having a porous nanostructure in 20-50 nm of size were synthesized. It was determined that the maximum absorbance of SrO nanoparticles was at 203 nm. From the experimental data, it was determined that for SrO nanoparticles, the optimum synthesis rate was reached at 90 minutes, 40°C and pH 8.

Conclusion: The newly synthesized nanomaterial is expected to find applications in many different areas thanks to its physical and chemical properties.

Erzincan Cimin Grape (Vitis vinifera, Cimin), strontium oxide NP, green synthesis.

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Gungor, A., Nadaroglu, H., & Gultekin, D. (2019). Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Strontium Oxide (SrO) Using Erzincan Cimin Grape (Vitis vinifera, Cimin). Chemical Science International Journal, 26(3), 1-7.
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