Synthesis of Vanillin from Lignin

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Njiema Gitaari
Kandie Benard
Joyline Gichuki
Patrick Kareru


Vanillin (4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde) is the major flavour constituent of vanilla. It has a wide range of applications in food industry and in perfumery. Vanillin is also very useful in the synthesis of several pharmaceutical chemicals. Lignin is a phenolic polymer which is found in plant cell walls with a structure depending strongly on the source of lignin and the process condition, which should be adjusted for different samples. In this work, lignin was extracted from Kraft cooking liquor of wood ash. The amount of extracted lignin was 25.5%, based on oven dry weight of wood ash. The lignin obtained was then reacted with alkaline nitrobenzene and refluxed at 170°C for 3 hours to obtain vanillin. The FT-IR spectrum of vanillin was similar to standard. The yield obtained from oxidation with nitrobenzene was 3.9%.

Vanillin, FT-IR and Lignin

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Gitaari, N., Benard, K., Gichuki, J., & Kareru, P. (2019). Synthesis of Vanillin from Lignin. Chemical Science International Journal, 27(1), 1-5.
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