Corrosion Behavior of Welded Joints of X70 Pipeline Steel Produced by High-frequency Welding

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Anatolii Klymenko
Svetlana Kovalenko
Vitalii Kuzmenko
Yurii Kovalenko


Corrosion behavior of welded joints of steel pipe category X70 produced by high-frequency welding, in different conditions, in which it is possible to initiate stress-corrosion cracking, hydrogen or sulfide cracking, was investigated. According to the results of electrochemical researches, the kinetic parameters of the cathode and anode processes on the surface of the welded joint of pipe in the investigated solutions are determined. Corrosion resistance of the welded joint HFW-pipe is similar to corrosion resistance of the base metal.

Pipe, high-frequency welding, corrosion, stress-corrosion cracking, corrosion potential.

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Klymenko, A., Kovalenko, S., Kuzmenko, V., & Kovalenko, Y. (2019). Corrosion Behavior of Welded Joints of X70 Pipeline Steel Produced by High-frequency Welding. Chemical Science International Journal, 27(4), 1-9.
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