A Review on Abatement of Nickel(II) from Aqueous Solution by Agricultural Biomass

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S. Sophie Beulah
K. Muthukumaran


Levels of toxins has increased in water due to the spurge of industries. Nickel (II) is mostly used in industries because of its anticorrosion behaviour. Nickel (II) is present in the effluent of electroplating, plastics manufacturing, fertilizers and mining industries. It causes detrimental effect on the human health as well as environment because of its toxicity, non-biodegradability and bioaccumulation. Adsorption technique has been investigated in many researches as an effective method for not only detoxifying but also recovering precious heavy metal ions from aqueous solution. In this review various agricultural biomass based adsorbents used for removing Ni(II) from aqueous solution, optimum parameters employed and their removal efficiency from wastewater have been explored.

Ni(II), aqueous solution, adsorption, agricultural biomass.

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Beulah, S. S., & Muthukumaran, K. (2020). A Review on Abatement of Nickel(II) from Aqueous Solution by Agricultural Biomass. Chemical Science International Journal, 29(6), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.9734/CSJI/2020/v29i630182
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