Chemical Composition of Anthocleista vogelii and Anti-oxidant Effect of Its Methanolic and Acetone Extracts

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E. E. Ikpe
U. D. Archibong
C. U. Michael
E. G. Ukpong


This study entailed determination of chemical composition of Anthocleista vogelii and anti-oxidant effect of its methanolic and acetone extract. The phytochemical screening of Anthocleista vogelii showed quantitatively the presence of alkaloids, Tannins, Flavonoids, Saponins, Glycoside and phenols. The results from the proximate analysis indicated that the plant contained some important nutrient such as carbohydrate with percentage content of 16.07 – 34.67%, lipid 5.40 – 7.35%, and crude protein 2.23 – 2.41%. The mineral element analysis showed that potassium (K) was 32.6 – 41.1 mg/kg, sodium (Na) 5.41- 6.21 mg/kg, calcium 9.74 – 17.81 mg/kg, magnesium (mg) 5.71 – 32.0 mg/kg and Zn 0.32 – 0.68 mg/kg. The acetone and methanol leaves, stem bark and roots extracts of Anthocleista Vogelii exhibited reasonable scavenging activity in the DPPH (1, 1- diphenyl – 2- picrlhydrazyl) assay. The methnaolic extracts had a better inhibiting ability than acetone extract which could be attributed to higher content of tannin and Saponin in methanolic than acetone extract. The results were discussed with referenced to World Health Organization (WHO) standard of nutritional and medicinal values.

Analyses, Anthocleista vogelii, chemical composition, methanolic extracts

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Ikpe, E. E., Archibong, U. D., Michael, C. U., & Ukpong, E. G. (2020). Chemical Composition of Anthocleista vogelii and Anti-oxidant Effect of Its Methanolic and Acetone Extracts. Chemical Science International Journal, 29(8), 7-18.
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