Study on the Tunable LCST Properties of Phenylalaninate Derivative with Branching Oligoethyleneoxy Chains

Pan Yu, Kundan Hao, Zhou Yang, Liangchun Li

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The Effects of Boric Acid on Fiberboard Made from Wood/Secondary Fiber Mixtures: Part 3. Utilization of Recycled Waste Office Paper Fibers

Ali Ihsan Kaya, Halil Turgut Sahin

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TLC Analysis and GC-MS Profiling of Hexane Extract of Syzygium guineense Leaf

J. I. Abok, C. Manulu

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Synthesis of Novel Derivatives on the Basis of 4-Hydrazinyl-6-methyl-2-(alkylthio)pyrimidines and Their Preliminary Biological Evaluation

Vergush A. Pivazyan, Emma A. Ghazaryan, Roza S. Shainova, Rafael A. Tavalyan, Armen G. Ayvazyan, Aleksandr P. Yengoyan

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Thermal Properties, Crystal Structure, and Phase Transition of Racemic CaC4H4O6•4H2O Single Crystals

T. Fukami, S. Hiyajyo, S. Tahara, C. Yasuda

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Physico-chemical Quality of Harvested Rainwater from Some Settlements in Uyo, Nigeria

E. A. Moses, I. I. Uwah, G. A. Ebong

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Turbidity and Acidity as Monitoring Parameters in the Purification of Moringa oleifera Oil for Biodiesel Production

Francisco Sávio Gomes Pereira, Alexandre Ricardo Pereira Schuler, Ana Maria Ribeiro Bastos da Silva, Chesque Cavassano Galvão, Rafael do Nascimento Pereira, Nelson Medeiros de Lima Filho, Valdinete Lins da Silva

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