Novel Linearized Kinetic Modeling of Starch Hydrolysis

Nwoko Christopher Ikpe Amadi, Nkwoada Amarachi Udoka, Ihuoma Peterclever Chidi

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Study of the Influence of Alkyl Chain Cation Solvent Interactions on the Slope of ϕv v/s √C Curves in 1, 3-Butanediol-DMF Solvent Mixtures by Apparent Molar Volume Measurements

Indu Saxena, Archna ., Rikkam Devi, Vijay Kumar, Sadhana Gautam, Jaya Tripathi

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Biodisinfection and Coagulant Properties of Mixed Garcinia kola and Carica papaya Seeds Extract for Water Treatment

O. J. Kingsely, J. C. Nnaji, B. I. Ugwu

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Preparation and Biodegradation of Nanocellulose Reinforced Polyvinyl Alcohol Blend Films in Bioenvironmental Media

Nusaiba Islam, Sharmin Jahan Proma, Ashiqur Rahman

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Drying Kinetics and Modelling of Mass Transfer in Thin Layer Convective Drying of Pineapple

Ravula Sudharshan Reddy, Parabhaker Reddy Ravula, Divyasree Arepally, Surender Reddy Munagala, Sheshasayana Golla

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