Effect of Aluminium Metal Dosage on Surface Area, Crystallinity and Energy Band Gap of ZnO Nanostructure and Crystalline Size

O. Ojo Mathew, Aloba Isaac Oladele, Hauwa Sidi Aliyu, Salamatu Aliyu Tukur

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Assessment of the Anti-microbial Action of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticle Synthesized by Aspilia pluriseta Extracts

A. O. Nyabola, P. G. Kareru, E. S. Madivoli, E. G. Maina, I. S. Wanakai

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Effect of Pharmaceutical Effluent on the Growth of Crops in Nigeria

Damilola Tope Ogundele, Afees Adebayo Oladejo, Christiana Oreoluwa Oke

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Synthesis and Evaluation of Iron (III)-Red Onion Skin Extract Azo Complexes as Pigments for Surface Coatings in Oilfield Environment

A. A. Akaho, U. J. Chukwu, O. Akaranta

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Theoretical Investigation on Biological Activity of Phenacetin and Its Derivatives via DFT and Docking Approach

Oyebamiji, Abel Kolawole, Adeleke, Babatunde Benjamin

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