2016 - Volume 11 [Issue 3]

Short communication

Synthesis and in vitro Antisickling Activity of Some Non-aromatic Esters

Dorothée D. Tshilanda, Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua, Damien S. T. Tshibangu, Augustin M. Malumba, Pius T. Mpiana

DOI: 10.9734/ACSJ/2016/22734

Page: 1-5

Original Research Article

Chitosan-Grafted Carbon for the Sequestration of Heavy Metals in Aqueous Solution

Aderonke A. Okoya, Abimbola Bankole Akinyele, Omotayo Sarafadeen Amuda, Ifeanyi Emmanuel Ofoezie

DOI: 10.9734/ACSJ/2016/21813

Page: 1-14

The Relationship between the Antimicrobial Properties of Benzylpenicillin and the Quantum Chemical Parameters of Its Structure (The DFT Method)

V. А. Babkin, D. S. Andreev, А. А. Pristanskov, L. М. Lisina, А. I. Rakhimov, N. А. Rakhimova, V. S. Belousova, G. E. Zaikov

DOI: 10.9734/ACSJ/2016/22022

Page: 1-7

Transition Metal Complexes of 4-aminobenzenesulfonamide 1,3-benzodioxole-5-carbaldehyde: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activities

J. Anandakumaran, M. L. Sundararajan, T. Jeyakumar, Mohammad Nasir Uddin

DOI: 10.9734/ACSJ/2016/22807

Page: 1-14

Comparative Studies of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Exposure in Homes Using Different Cooking Fuels

Ize-Iyamu Oghomwen Christie, Ukpebor Justina Ebehirieme, Ize-Iyamu Osaro Karl, Isara Alphonsus Rukevwe, Ukpebor Emmanuel Ehiabhi

DOI: 10.9734/ACSJ/2016/22075

Page: 1-13

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